dating scene in cities

Did you know that your dating options will vary depending on your actual location? That’s right! When it comes to dating around the globe, every region isn’t exactly the same. Demographics and income level also play a huge role in who you get with. Unfortunately, skin color can be a pre-requisite for some people so always go into these situations with an open mind. The dating scene in New York City is very diverse as well as very hectic. America’s largest city has a boat-load of singles who are willing and ready to connect with like-minded individuals. You’ll find just about every ethnicity of people here, including Hispanics, Blacks, Whites, Jewish, Chinese, Nigerian, Japanese, Polish and Italian. New York City allows single individuals to meet more so in person. Thanks to the abundance of coffee shops, public parks and public meeting areas, you can get a first-hand experience in one-on-one dating. Another great thing about this city is that it’s full of lounges, bars and nightclubs. The options here are literally endless. Just by walking down the street, you’ll eventually pass by plenty of dating potential. Speed dating is also big as the participants will spend no more than a few minutes before switching tables. “Sex in the City,” the television show, mirrors New York City’s actual vibe. Try not to get too attached because this town has more than 8 million inhabitants.

Lets move over to the Westcoast of the United States. The city of Los Angeles has a rather unique dating scene. Yes, the city is immense in size and that can be one of its drawbacks. First and foremost, Los Angeles has a ton of single people that come from every walk of life. The demographics include Black, White, Hispanic, Vietnamese, Chinese, Hindu and many more. Unfortunately, Los Angeles has some major hurdles because it’s a city that judges you by class. This actually means that if you’re not in a certain tax bracket, then you could be left out of the festivities. Yes, this is a very harsh environment in which people tend to move in distinct crowds. “So, where do you live,” is a common question for Angelinos. This metropolitan area is divided into smaller municipalities that span over 502 square-miles. If you’re hitting the dating scene, and you don’t have transportation to get around then you’ll definitely get left behind. L.A. is a driver’s city, and it takes quite a bit of time to get around even with its expansive freeway system. Rush hour, traffic accidents and daily errors can turn a 15-minute trip into an hour-long nightmare. Some great advice to live by is to always know the city you’re residing in.

Take a chance and travel abroad for love. Since most of western culture is superficial to the highest degree, many singles have traveled abroad and have found success. Countries like Brazil and the Dominican Republic are hot spots for single people. Some of the most physically attractive people inhabit these lands, but be careful who you’re dealing with. The very first thing singles should do is to study the culture, get familiar with the laws and learn the language. Never travel to a foreign land if you can’t speak the basic language of the land. Once you’re there, try attending trendy places, and stay out of sketchy neighborhoods. Brazilians and Dominicans are true romantics at heart. Foreigners should always respect the culture by never coming off too cocky. Doing the little things tend to matter the most with the people of these two countries because they value relationships and family much more so than other western cultures. Watch out for scammers who are seeking money. A good rule of thumb to follow is that if your date is asking for money, he/she is looking to get over on you. This is a common practice in Brazil and in the Dominican Republic.