Different Regions Equal Different Culture

The dating scene from around the world is very diverse. In some countries, arranged marriages are the norm, and in other countries, the inhabitants don’t even have an actual word for the term dating. In Spain, there isn’t a term for the word dating. The closest equivalent to dating is a term that’s known as “salir con alguien.” This actually means “to go out with someone.” In reality, most Spaniards live at home until they’re married.

In Mexico, men tend to take control of the dating game, and this country is more traditional when it comes to this subject. Males actually pay for the date, and the culture shows more affection like kissing in public. Basically, if you’re a lazy male, and you’re looking for love south of the border then you better have your act together.

Dating in the UK is similar to dating in the US. Brits just so happen to be more low-key as well as more relaxed in these situations. Pubs are the general hot spots for meeting new people, and we definitely know that the Brits love their alcohol, which helps to create dialogue.


In all honesty, dating isn’t rocket science, but it can be downright frustrating at times. By putting in work and playing the field, you’re sure to come across someone who shares the same interests as you.